Recipe: Sourdough Naan

We've all been there: sitting down at your favorite Indian restaurant and waiting for the warm, pillowy soft bread to hit the table. I'm a big fan of Naan (and Indian cuisine in general) because it reminds me of Honduran tortillas de harina (flour tortillas). The problem, though, is that you really can't stop eating this. Especially when it's freshly made, warm, and drizzled with ghee and cilantro. It was hard for me to take pictures of the naan while they were warm, because in reality I just wanted to eat them all immediately. That's what you should do, though. Forget the pictures. Sometimes the phone shouldn't eat first and making sourdough naan is one of those times.

What You'll Need (For Levain Build)

50 grams mature sourdough starter

50 grams whole wheat flour

50 grams bread flour

100 grams water

What You'll Need (For Final Mix)

500 grams AP Flour 125 grams full fat yogurt 75 grams water 100 grams coconut milk 50 grams sugar 200 grams levain 15 grams salt

What You'll Need (For Topping)

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Chopped Cilantro

What You Need To Do

  1. Combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix until there is no dry flour left.

  2. Turn out onto your work surface and knead until the dough is smooth. Use the palm of your hand to push it forward, and your fingers to pull it back. Repeat until your dough is smooth, together, and not too sticky.

  3. Allow your dough to rise for 4 hours at room temperature, and then transfer to the fridge for another 12.

  4. After the cold fermentation, divide your dough into 5 pieces and dust with flour to roll them out with a rolling pin.

  5. Roll out your naan into circles about 8-10 inches in diameter.

  6. Cook your naan on a very hot cast iron or pizza stone. I actually cooked mine in my Ooni oven.

  7. Serve warm with cilantro and clarified butter. Or just eat them as is!