My Baking Tool Kit

A lot of you have been asking about the type of equipment I use at home to bake bread. This section will serve as a guide for you to see the tools I use when I'm baking at home. I keep things extremely simple. It is not complicated to make good bread and baked goods! I don't use any ingredients or items that are hard to find or are too specialized.

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I would be lost without King Arthur flour. I've gone through countless bags of this stuff! They do such an amazing job providing quality flour all around the US. King Arthur focuses on making a high-quality product that I can that is easily accessible in most cities. The three main flours I use are Organic Bread Flour, Organic All-Purpose, and Organic Whole Wheat. I also use Arrowhead Mills Rye Flour.

Baking Method:

At home, there are three ways I bake bread. I use my home oven with either a Lodge Cast Iron or pizza stone, or I use my Ooni Pro Oven outdoors. For rustic sourdough bread, I use Lodge Cast Iron and preheat them in my oven. For bread like my Pan de Coco, I'll use a Pullman pan.

Misc. Items:

Here are some bonus items that make life easy when trying to make good bread at home. Baskets and a couche for proofing bread, a good serrated knife for cutting bread and an easy to use scale are extremely helpful for home bread baking.

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