Recipe: Pizza Hondureña

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Growing up with the classic Honduran breakfast, or desayuno típico, I can't resist seeking out ways to reminisce. I don't always have time in the mornings to cook a proper plate of food, and I'm my most creative when I am concocting bread or pizza recipes. This pizza felt like a natural extension of my exploration of Honduran flavors in combination with bread and pizza. Using the sourdough pizza dough recipe, I decided one day to top it as if it was a desayuno tipico Hondureño. Luckily this much loved Honduran flavor profile cooked at high heat was the perfect combination.

What You'll Need

1 Sourdough Pizza Dough

2 unripe (green) Plantains

100 grams Frijoles Refritos

25 grams Queso Hondureño

25 grams Crema Hondureña

Vegetable Oil (enough to coat your pan)

Pinch of Salt

*Please note that if you do not have a Honduran market where you live, most cheeses and creams from Latin America will do. If you are deprived of any Latin market whatsoever, you can use mozzarella, goat, or feta cheese and sour cream mixed with warm butter and salt for the crema.

Dough Prep

About 2 hours before you are ready to cook your pizza, take your sourdough pizza dough out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. You want the dough to be soft and somewhat warm. I've never had success with cold dough, so for the purposes, my recipe, letting it come up to temperature is the best approach.

Oven Prep

If you are using a home oven with a pizza stone, preheat for 1 hour at 500 degrees. If you happen to be using an Ooni Pro oven, check out my post about how I start my fires with this oven and how I manage the temperature when baking multiple pizzas.

Toppings Prep


Start by preheating a skillet with enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom. You will want to have the heat at a medium level so as not to overheat the oil and burn the plantains. For each green plantain, slice down the middle of the skin and use your fingers to pry the skin off of the banana. Slice at a diagonal angle into thin, oval-shaped pieces.

Once the oil is heated, place the plantain pieces into the oil and fry for about 4 minutes per side. You'll know the oil is heated because the plantain pieces will sizzle and the oil will bubble around it. If the oil does not bubble and your plantain sinks into the oil, take it out and wait for the oil to get hotter.

After cooking both sides, transfer the plantain pieces to a paper towel and top them with a pinch of salt.


Check out my easy recipe for frijoles here. Once complete let cool in the fridge before transferring onto the dough.

Queso y Crema

Crumble or cube your cheese into a small bowl. Transfer the cream into a small bowl with a spoon to drizzle onto the pizza.

Pizza Prep and Bake

Now that everything is prepped and your oven is ready to go, flour your work surface liberally and place one of your dough rounds in the center. With your fingertips, push from the middle to the outer edge of the dough. There are various techniques you can use after you've done a pre-shaping on the work surface. The most simple is to make the dough and hold the edge with your fingertips. Gently press into the outer edge and rotate in a circle. Make sure you are stretching it out as you go along. If your dough is tearing, don't worry. Next time you'll just need to work it more during the kneading process and develop more strength.

Add the frijoles as the base and top with plantains and cheese. Cook your pizza. If in a wood-fired oven, it will take about a minute or so and you will need to rotate/turn your pizza. If using a home oven, it will probably take 10 minutes (depending on the color you want). Once the pizza is cooked, top with the crema and enjoy.

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