My Baking Tools

You really don't need much to make good bread, but there are certainly quite a few helpful things that can help you bake good bread at home.

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Below are the items I use to bake bread, pizza, and more at home. 

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It is useful to have a variety of different containers to store your flour in and also to let your dough ferment. I use either cambro style containers or tubs for my dough. In addition, I use tupperware to build and maintain my sourdough starters and levains. 


I will typically proof my rustic doughs in either a couche, banneton, or directly on a cutting board. My enriched doughs are usually proofed in a baking tin.   


I usually use a few different types of flour at home, but primarily I keep a good All Purpose, Bread Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, and Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour. With these, you can make various combinations and unique flavor profiles.

Ooni Products

The brand new Ooni Karu! This portable wood fired oven is extremely easy to move around and set up. I love to use it with small chunks of wood, and it gets up to my desired pizza making temperature quite easily. 

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