Jan 15

Gluten strength in Sourdough


Sometimes my sourdough comes out wimpy...looks great and has great crust and inside chewy, but when I cut it, it is not as strong as I think it should be...meaning that the knife wobbles a bit and gives way when slicing. I have tried reducing water percentage (from 77 % to 74%) I have given 4 folds instead of 3; I have increased bulk fermentation to 4 hours but I get inconsistent results. Any suggestions?

Hello! These modifications you've made are great. My question to you is, how long are you waiting before you cut your loaf? If you are cutting your loaf within the first hour of it being baked, it will definitely be a bit challenging. I find the most sturdy cuts come the next day, so if you want your loaf to be easily sliced, try letting it rest for up to 24 hours before cutting it.

We are waiting a few hours-next day bread is stronger, that is correct.

I will advise customers to do the same. Thank you for your quick reply!

Any time! I'd love to see your bread, share a picture if possible! Cheers.

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